Charles H. Huang
Game Designer

I’m an indie game designer, narrative designer, event organizer, content creator with award-winning recognition. For my day job, I’ve been a programmer for over a decade.

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What I do

Playful and socioemotional games can empower

I’m Charles H. Huang, an MFA graduate from NYU Game Center. You might remember me from founding Unparty at GDC, co-founding Friendship Garden, or writing narrative games. I’m here to tell you that playful and socioemotional games can empower people with the stories and skills to lead happier and healthier lives.

Narrative Games

I’ve specialized in narrative game storytelling for nearly a decade in my independent game design, and received recognition for it.

Event Leadership and Community Organizing

I’ve founded and organized for various nonprofit causes for inclusivity in game development spaces.


I have a background in promoting prosocial games education, both in classrooms and speaking engagements.

Games Writing

I’ve been branching out into writing, games journalism, and content creation.

About Me

Let me help you design games

I’ve designed narrative games and experiences exploring playful experiences, meditative introspection, ethical philosophy education, intergenerational trauma, internet meme culture, and Asian American identity.

Additionally, I have experience in event organization, social media marketing, games education, games writing, games journalism, and content creation.

I would love to share some of that knowledge and experience with you in your work. Please feel free to reach out.


2021 – Graduated from NYU Game Center with Master’s of Fine Arts in Game Design

2018 – Founding of Friendship Garden, Megabooth at Play NYC

2018 – PixelPop Festival Talk – Humanistic Game Design

2016 – 2019 – Unparty at GDC grows from 0 to 2000 RSVPs over 4 years


2019 – NYU Tisch School of the Arts – Scholarship

2018 – IndieCade East Altware Game Jam – Best Worldbuilding

2018 – Global Game Jam NYU Game Center – Best Use of Theme Nominee, Most Glorious Trainwreck Nominee

2017 – Different Games – Official Selection

2017 – Playcrafting – Game Writing Primer Scholarship

2012 – Stony Brook University Game Programming Competition – Finalist

2011 – Stony Brook University Game Programming Competition – 3rd Place